Join Britannic and Five9 for an in-depth dive into AI, Automation and Analytics

Join us for a fast-paced 1-hour webinar  at 12 noon titled "AI, Automation and Analytics Powering You to Success", where you will hear from experts at Britannic and Five9 exploring technologies and methodologies that will help drive your business objectives.

Focused towards change makers and tailored for Heads of Digital Transformation, IT, and Contact Centres. This session will provide insights into leveraging AI, automation and analytics to fuel successful digital initiatives.

We'll demonstrate how these technologies enhance operational efficiency, improve customer experience, and drive strategic decision-making.

With real-life examples, we're excited to empower you further on your digital journey. Together, let's shape the future of digital transformation.

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  1. - James Campbell Britannic – AI & Automation: A Market’s Perspective
  2. - Rhys Dunn Five9 – Using Technology to Drive Business Objectives
  3. - James Mackie Five9 – Bringing AI to life with Five9
  4. - Gillan Ide Britannic – Underpinning Strategy with Analytics

Our Speakers

James Campbell

James Campbell, Sales Manager at Britannic, has been working in the Unified Communications and Contact Centre industry for 14 years.

James leverages his expertise to provide forward thinking, tailored strategies and technologies which empower businesses to deliver exceptional customer experience.

Rhys Dunn

Rhys Dunn has an unwavering commitment to and passion for customer experience. With his extensive experience within the Contact Centre and Communications industry, he specialises in bridging the gap between business objectives and technological innovation.

Jamie Mackie

Jamie Mackie is a skilled senior solutions consultant with expertise in self-learning, technical mentoring, cross-functional collaboration, and improving the contact centre ecosystem. He helps organisations to explore the power of Interactive Virtual Agents and Artificial Intelligence as they transition from legacy contact centre solutions to the cloud.

Gillian Ide

Gillan Ide is passionate about helping organisations with digital transformation and business improvement. He can identify opportunities for improvement and design and deliver solutions to achieve measurable business outcomes. Gillan focuses is on improving customer and staff experience, reducing low value tasks, and improving process efficiencies.