The Agenda

  1. 09:15 Registration
  2. 09:30 Welcome - Jonathan Sharp, Sales and Marketing Director, Britannic
  3. 09:45 Dave Collins - Product Owner, NETX2, Britannic Is your business ready for the ISDN Switch Off?
  4. 10:15 John Williams, Solutions Consultant, Britannic Degrees of Cloudiness - making it simple with flexible deployment models that give you choice.
  5. 10:30 Gillan Ide, Digital Solutions Consultant. Britannic Creating YOUR Customer Communication Ecosystem: Utilising the openness of Mitel, we can help you get started and thrive with ongoing success.
  6. 11:00 Coffee break
  7. 11:30 Gillan Ide and John Williams, Data Analytics – Know what you currently don’t know!
  8. 12:00 Pat O'Donaghue, Sales Engineering Manager, Mitel Think you know Mitel? There is more to Mitel than just a World Class UC offering, powering over a Billion connections! AI/Flexibility/Cloudlink and much, much more.
  9. 12:45 Networking Lunch

Mitel's open architecture gives choice, flexibility, simplicity and value.

  • Choose where and how you deploy, including Azure and AWS.
  • Reduce the effort involved for everyone.
  • See how the Mitel Assistant can help.
  • Simplify and speed up configuration, changes, deployment and much more. 

With Britannic take your customer experience to a new level.

  • With class-leading support and knowledge share
  • Consultancy, workshops and road mapping
  • Seamless integration with CRM, digital channels, AI and automation technologies
  • Underpinned by our market-leading Private Cloud Architecture and SIP platform

Enhance your communications experience with Mitel and apps, ranging from analytics, mass notification, workforce management, and campaign management to enhancing organization and site connectivity, and more.

With Britannic’s skillset and experience, we offer you a safe pair of hands to make your digital transformation project a success by breaking it up into manageable steps that can be measured and justified.

This is an event for:

  • Customer Experience Directors 
  • Heads of Contact Centres 
  • Operations Directors 
  • IT Directors 
  • Digital Transformation Leaders 
  • Business decision makers 

This is a FREE event for qualifying end-user organisations only.

It's very useful to take time out to do some future thinking and hear from industry leaders about where the business direction should be going...the Britannic presentations join up the dots in terms of the direction of the technology and how it can be all brought together.

Steve Waldron - CTO

Grange Hotels

Register for the event!

Mitel and Britannic are excited to host an update session to share with you the importance of an open, agile platform when it comes to improving both customer experience and operational performance.

Find out how to get more from your Mitel investment.

Get the most out of your Mitel

Or if you don't have a Mitel system and are looking to switch, we also welcome you!

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