How to Chose a Reliable Managed Services Provider?

Question 1: Will your Managed Service Provider Support your Business Strategy Now and in the Future?

This is the 1st question in our 7 Question blog series on choosing the right Managed Service Provider...

Managed Service Provider Supporting Business Strategy

Trying to support your company BYOD policy is giving you grey hairs.

No matter what you try you can’t seem to figure out how Steve’s iPad and Richard’s Galaxy Tab 3 can exist on the same network or how you can easily let that new guy in finance bring his own laptop in and keep all your data secure.

But you are on your own and the company strategy says: Yes to BYOD - not to mention everything else!

After several sleepless nights wondering what to do you begin to think you may need some help to achieve these targets and investigate the Managed Service Supplier route.

The Decision Process

And just when you thought you could relax you get bewildered with the choices available to you.

This blog series is all about helping you through this decision process and giving you the right tools and questions to make the right choice on which Managed Service Provider is for you.

The first question is about making sure that your Business Strategy is supported now and in the future.

Supporting your Business Strategy

So you log in to your PC and start searching..

What are you looking for? What do you need? How should you approach this information overload that is the internet?

Here is a good 4 point check list:

1. Commitment

The truth is you want to be thinking long-term.

Look for a Managed Service Provider that talks about long standing customer partnerships and high customer satisfaction. These are the companies that aren’t just in it for the quick win, the sign up and move on sale.

They show a duty of care to their customers and a commitment to their strategies and continually deliver against them.

Partnership is a word that should never be underrated and if you can find a Managed Service Provider that is willing to enter one with you and share your strategy for the future you are on to a great thing.

Because being able to freely talk about your vision for your company and build long term plans of managed change is a much better scenario to be in, rather than wondering if anyone is paying you the attention you feel you deserve.

2. Accreditations

Gaining accreditations is a long term process and demonstrates a dedicated approach towards the way they work, and in turn the way they treat you.

3. Technology Partners and Suppliers

Do you know which technology you must have? Chances are you don’t, so looking for a Managed Service Provider that works with multiple vendors is important.

Understand what level of accreditation they have as this will demonstrate their capacity to work with those vendors and be able to recommend and implement business enabling technology (and your strategy) going forward.

4. Customer Range

Who do they currently work with? What are their most recent customer acquisitions? Are they in your industry or around your size?

These are all good indications that your Managed Service Provider may be the right fit for you. And also that they understand the sorts of business challenges you face on a daily basis.

It may also mean that your industry is of a particular focus, often depicting a particular skill set within the Managed Service Supplier capable of understanding your strategy and developing it.


You need to be comfortable in knowing that your preferred choice can help you deliver that BYOD, and all the other business enabling strategies that your business needs.

What do you see as important questions to clarify whether a company will match your business strategy for the future? Are you going through this process now? Have you made the decision recently and was there something in particular that helped you make your decision? Get in touch with us and let us know..

Jonathan Sharp

Jonathan Sharp is a communications visionary and established technology business leader with 20 years’ proven excellence in driving business innovation and transformation. Sales & Marketing Director at Britannic Technologies, he puts enthusiasm into technology adoption, helping businesses to connect with their customers and staff in the most efficient and intuitive ways.

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