Picking the right Mitel or Avaya maintenance partner might seem like a smaller, less impactful decision for your digital transformation but it is actually very important. For not only ensuring that you’re getting the best possible value and return on your maintenance investment, but for securing fearless business growth.  

That’s right, your maintenance contract is actually pretty crucial for digital transformation and the success of it. Time to bring a maintenance review to the forefront of your priorities to see what you could be achieving with a partner that is more ambitious.

Seeing Maintenance Differently

If you see maintenance as just being, well maintenance, then that is all you’re going to get. We want businesses to think about the bigger picture, from a workplace modernisation perspective. What else can your maintenance provider give you?

Maintenance is like a stepping stone into further business growth. It can help you advance further on your digital transformation journey. You might start with your maintenance contract and then be able to implement new, completely integrated solutions to enhance your Mitel or Avaya investment like AI, business process automation or services that will help you utilise your voice data.

With the low level of risk of switching maintenance suppliers and the potential business growth you could achieve, it is well worth disrupting the status quo!

With Maintenance Comes Growth

Many of our most digitally-advanced clients have started their transformation journey through a maintenance contract switch. The University of Kent for example switched across their Mitel maintenance contract to Britannic 3 years ago. They are now able to take advantage of the Multi Media options that are available to them. Certsure were able to introduce PCI and IVR automatic payment features off the back of a switched maintenance contract. They are now moving onto more exciting projects around business process automation.

BAE Systems have been able to develop their contact centre further, contributing towards their overall digital strategy.

“Appointing Britannic as our maintainers has been a really positive experience. We get a personalised service, quick turnaround, continuity of engineers and an easy way to log our tickets through the customer portal, CZONE. They are proactive, helpful and highly experienced. Everything we could want form a maintainer but weren’t getting before.”

Another one of our clients, a global law firm rolled out communications sites globally after Britannic took over their old maintenance contract. Showing how switching their maintenance contract has helped to expand the business into new markets. We’ve also migrated all users in the UK onto a centralised system and migrating multiple ISDN channels to SIP has meant that the firm have made significant cost savings.

Consolidate your Suppliers

There are so many tech companies out there, that it is all too easy to start to acquire an obscene amount of partners. Seeing maintenance as being a stepping stone to something bigger will help you to consolidate your suppliers.

Meaning you’re able to streamline your business operations further to;

  • Operate at a reduced cost
  • Deepen the relationship with your suppliers
  • Create higher quality experiences
  • Lessen the risk of technology investments for the business
  • Quicken problem resolution
  • Create a multi-site environment

Is there something you need that your current maintenance provider doesn’t offer? It might be time to look for a new supplier!

We offer complete end-to-end solutions that can integrate fully with Mitel and Avaya systems. Through our B•CONNETED framework, you can introduce increased functionality to meet the needs of your customers and employees.

Disrupt the Status Quo

You know what they say, if you want something doing, do it yourself. We encourage IT Managers to bring their maintenance contracts to their CTO’s attention. After all, digital transformation is all about change and adaptability. Why shouldn’t you look to get a more competitive deal at the very least?

But bringing a partner that offers more value, capability and saves you money to the table, that’s real and tangible return on investment.  

A Low Risk Switch for Fearless Growth

Overall, switching your maintenance partner is a low cost activity that has the potential to give your business more value for money on your Mitel or Avaya investment. Through opting for a partner that can give you more growth opportunities, you’re not only helping the digital transformation journey, but also getting better value for money on your maintenance supplier.

Switch now and grow, what have you got to lose? Get the ball rolling and book your free maintenance review now.

Disrupt the status quo - book a free maintenance review now!