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With Mitel’s MiContact Center Business suite we can tailor a solution to meet the unique needs of your contact centre, including advanced real-time reporting and intelligent call routing to improve customer experience. 

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Equip Your Agents

Equip agents with a unique set of applications to handle customer enquiries quickly and efficiently.

Voice, email, fax, SMS, chat and social communications

Outbound dialling and messaging

Speech-enabled IVR routing

Multichannel workflow routing

CRM integration

Empower Your Supervisors

Empower supervisors with intelligent reporting and training tools to enhance output and improve business processes. 

Real-time, historical and customisable reporting

Real-time, historical and customisable reporting

Call recording

Call recording

Optional workforce management add-on

Optional workforce management add-on

Discover Mitel MiContact Center Business

Today’s customer has changed – have you? Millennials make up one third of the population, and there are now almost as many mobile phones in the world as there are people. Together with Mitel, we resolve the challenges this shift is bringing to the way your business delivers customer experience.

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Discover Mitel MiContact Centre Business

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