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Unified Communication

The Power of Instant Messaging in the Workplace

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Customer Experience

Crossing Borders: The Diary of a Worldwide Business Traveller

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Business Process Automation

Delivering Transformation in the Public Sector with the Digital Outcomes and Specialists Framework

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Workplace Modernisation

Why Voice Data is the Overlooked Secret Sauce to Improving your Customer Experience (And how to use it)

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Business Process Automation

Delivering a Better Customer Experience with WhatsApp


Workplace Modernisation

The Transformers of Digital Show us why it is not Always Best to Lead

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Workplace Modernisation

Positive Disruption: Engineering a Culture Ready for Change

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Workplace Modernisation

Why it’s Great to be an Innovator of Digital Transformation (but not for too long!)

Unleashing Business Growth

Business Process Automation

Unleashing Business Growth with your Existing Mitel or Avaya Investment

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Business Process Automation

Time is Money: Automate your Critical Business Processes (you’ll regret it if you don’t)


Workplace Modernisation

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Voice: Here’s why lack of Voice Strategy for Digital Transformation will Tear your Company to Shreds


Workplace Modernisation

Sink or Swim: Why Your Business Needs Microservices to Keep its Infrastructure Afloat