If you think your communications platform has little to do with your business growth; we suggest you think again. Avaya or Mitel phone systems, your contact centre, your additional applications, they are all instrumental in accelerating digital transformation and unleashing next-level growth.

Since digital transformation is a marathon, not a sprint, all systems should be seen as an opportunity. The worst thing you can do with your Mitel or Avaya investment is rest on your laurels; it’s got a lot more to offer than you think. With a good technology partner, there will always be ways to better your existing investment. Not just from the maintenance contract that they offer, but plug in solutions and overlays, the microservices you could create, it’s all about seeing the bigger picture.

There are a lot of companies out there that aren’t getting the value they need from their existing Mitel or Avaya communications platforms, writing them off as not having sufficient capability or flexibility, when in fact the opposite is true if you turn it on its head.

What are the Key Business Drivers?

Take a minute to consider the strategic objectives being pushed down from the Board.  Where does your business see itself in 5 years’ time? Who are the key competitors today and will these change as new interlopers take advantage of low barriers to entry and move into your space with quicker, faster, cheaper offerings founded on next generation technology?

Your communications platform purchase and on-going support is definitely a strategic decision. Choosing the right technology is only part of the story. Considering how it is implemented (cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid mix); how the staff are trained in using the new system and taking advantage of its capabilities; the new ways you want to be able to communicate with customers, and them with you in today’s digital world, are all vital considerations not only in your choice of platform, but also in your choice of supplier and onward support organisation.

The Right Technology Partner

You don’t have to have all the answers and you don’t need to make these decisions alone. African wild dogs have a hunting success rate of up to 90% because they work together as a team, a good technology partner will increase your rate of success too. If you choose the right partner to work with, you will gain an abundance of new knowledge and advice.

Take the weight off your shoulders and take advantage of expert insight. Work with people who have done it before, who are visionary, have great ideas, but also really understand how a business like yours works and how technology can be deployed to meet those key strategic goals.

Changing the way you do Business

The way people are choosing to do business has changed dramatically over the last 5 years. Are your systems keeping pace? Is your technology agile enough to take advantage of these advancements in technology? For many people the answer is no. But all is not lost.

Some of the latest digital transformation solutions can be overlaid on your existing solutions, so even if you have old legacy systems it is still possible to provide automation and self-service with the right technology. This will enable you to take away some of the easy to resolve enquiries, freeing up customer facing staff to do the more profitable cross-sell/up-sell, or deal with the more complex enquiries.

Adding Value

Saving money is important, but for many businesses finding ways to make more money adding greater value for their shareholders is what it’s all about.

The next time you are reviewing your support partner consider whether you are getting real value for money. Is your business moving forward apace in the digital direction? Now is the time to hand over day to day management of your ICT resource, leaving you free to explore more profitable avenues for the business.

Your partner should proactively work with you to provide the latest insights into your Mitel or Avaya ecosystem and how you can improve it, along with making you aware of the wider portfolio of solutions that could really propel your business forward.

We all know change is essential, Darwin’s theory of evolution taught us that, but at what price?  Feeling comfortable with change is easier if you know that you are doing everything possible to mitigate the risk. Highly organised project management will help you keep your projects on track and ensure they run smoothly, minimising the risk to the business.

Unleashing Business Growth with BCONNECTED

Every aspect of your partnership with a technology company should add value. From their support and maintenance contracts, through to future plans. To do more than keep up, your partner needs to be at least one step ahead.

B●CONNECTED is our framework for workplace modernisation and digital transformation that can house your entire ecosystem. It can deliver your Avaya and Mitel systems from the cloud and overlay existing systems to enable you to modernise you old infrastructure by plugging in new applications.

The Orchestration Layer

The orchestration layer indicates how the B●CONNECTED framework breaks down and delivers your applications. Allowing you to work in, gamification, workflows, business process automation, AI and data flows across your contact centre and wider business.

Find out more about how we can help you unleash more business growth by switching maintenance contracts today. 

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