CXMStars™ 2022 - Top CX Professional – Vote Jonathan Sharp


We are delighted to announce that Jonathan Sharp, Sales and Marketing Director at Britannic Technologies has once again been nominated and made it to the shortlist year for the CXMStar 2022 as one of the UK’s leading influencers in customer experience by CXM (Customer Experience Magazine), the UK leading customer experience magazines.


A Rising Star

As many of you know, Jonathan is an advocate of customer experience who regularly presents at industry events on how technology underpins change in the CX and UX. Evangelising how successful design, through to delivery and development of CX and UX solutions can make a difference to the user’s and customer’s need, and the bottom line.


Challenge the Status Quo

To stand out from the crowd it’s important to challenge the status quo and to innovate through business models, processes, and technology. Strong partnerships with customers and partners enable Jonathan and his team to help people to create positive and differentiated service that is appropriate and personalised.


Britannic 2.0

Britannic has and always will be 100% focused on the customer experience and last year, Jonathan and his team reviewed existing processes, products, and solutions to ensure they were still relevant for the new world after the pandemic. This resulted in the launch of Britannic 2.0, a strategy that would further unify people, processes, technology, and data focused on delivering a streamlined superior experience for all stakeholders and creating a high performing, collaborative and innovative human centred business with strong common values that run throughout the business


Innovation Hub

The ‘Innovation Hub’ a new strategic initiative born of Britannic 2.0 is designed to connect people to work collaboratively, solve problems and create new value to customers, partners, and employees - experimenting with new ideas and not being afraid to fail. The good news is the Innovation Hub is being extended to clients and partners so watch this space.


Improving the Journey

To improve your customers’ experience, it is critical to understand the customer, what they want, how they want to communicate and how they want to operate. You need to present them with the choice of the channel of communication whether that is voice, video, SMS, email, or web chat, and it must be easy to use and seamless. It is not just the customer’s journey that you want to simplify but also the agent’s, by introducing AI automation solutions you can ensure your agents only manage the more complex transactions saving money and time and freeing up important human capital to add value – using emotional intelligence, problem solving and personalised / targeted interactions. The next stage is to ensure that these omnichannel communications are integrated into a single platform so you can collect the data to further understand the customer’s journey and continue to improve it, evolving as you go.


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