"Many leading theorists and industry experts believe the key to Digital transformation is either in modernising applications, re-architecting infrastructure or optimising operations to keep up with the pace of today’s business, however, the most effective outcomes have occurred when you combine all three areas".

We'll be discussing this topic at our annual Convergence Summit event, but this year it's even bigger and better as it's our 15th anniversary!

Through our Partnership with Britannic Technologies, we can help you cover all these areas and from a call recording and workforce optimisation perspective, here are our best tips to focus on.

 1. Look at other ways to use the powerful data contained in your call records

If you already have call recording in place at your business, do you actively use its data to make your Business more productive and successful? Call recording data is a powerful business tool to help you with Customer Journey Mapping.  It informs you comprehensively and impartially about your Customer interactions with your employees, so you can obtain relevant, important and meaningful information from your existing solution.

 2. Ask your provider about options to integrate your Call Recording System with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other Business Management Tools

Linking call records to your CRM system and other management tools provides actionable intelligence that will allow you an easier and more comprehensive way to manage customer activity, issues and complaints, as well as process-based work flows.

 3. Consider recording your employee’s PC screen activity whilst they take the telephone call

Whilst you listen back to a call, imagine being able to see, simultaneously, the agent entering notes onto the system, moving through database processes and managing the call in general, as it progresses, to give you a holistic view of their operational activity and process flow. How helpful would this be to you? Screen recording options are also available with most call recording solutions.

By looking at your existing call recording equipment in a different perspective, your Digital Transformation journey can offer even more positive outcomes than you first imagined.

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