Digital First Solutions for the Insurance and Finance Market

With digital being the new baseline for insurance and finance, we understand it’s becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate. Build a strong platform for customer experience enhancement, growth through acquisition or mergers and withstanding crisis periods as seen with COVID.

We’ll Help you Tackle 3 Simple Areas

Simplify Customer Data Input and Management

Forget going back and forth with the customer. Our ability to introduce self-service and integrate with back-office systems will always mean your data is up-to-date and provides a single source of the truth.

Save Time
and Money

Say goodbye to manual processes and transactional tasks. Our solutions empower insurance agents and finance customer service reps to focus on higher value areas and enquiries.

Improved Customer Experience Through Efficiency

We know digital doesn’t always mean quick. Automate key aspects like your FNOL process with workflows and smart rules. Our aim is to simplify your CX, removing unneeded lengthy processes or handing them off to a bot.

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No Wasted Effort

Lou Lwin, Group Head of Enterprise Architecture, Markerstudy

To be able to generate not just reports using NETX2, but real-time insight into call behaviour is a fantastic boost to our ability to be a responsive data-led organisation. It gives us a unified and meaningful view of the environment, saving time and effort.

Slash your Claims Handling Time by 1/3

With our Flexible Digital Claims Handling Solution

We offer flexible and scalable claims handling solutions. Tailoring the solution to meet your specific business needs. Helping your firm to save serious time and money spent on FNOL and the claims process.

The diagram below is an example of what we can build but remember we’re not prescriptive. We’ll build the right solution for your business from scratch if needed.

We’re able to tackle these core areas with our digital claims handling:

  • Reducing data input
  • Automating payments for low claims under a threshold you specify
  • Automatically validate on checking

Digital Claims Handling Diagram

Flexible Automation for your FNOL and Claims Process!

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

We can scan documents for information and update them in your backend systems. Leveraging the data to progress the claims to the next steps.

Email Parsing

Scan customer emails for information, we’re able to lift the unstructured data from the email and pull it through as structured data into your backend systems. Saving a serious amount of time on data inputting.

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CX Solutions for Insurance and Finance

Digital Claims Handling

Automate all, or part of your claims handling process. Removing transactional activity we help to improve productivity, ensure you’re not spending more time than necessary on claims under a certain value and update back-office systems.

PCI DSS Compliance

Compliance made easy. We know PCI can be a headache, being experts in simplifying, we’d like to take this painstaking task away from your business. With comprehensive cloud PCI DSS solutions.

ID&V Process

There’s nothing worse than entering your information multiple times on a customer service call. We can help you drastically reduce wait times and call abandonment rates with an automated ID&V process.


Deflect incoming calls to other channels, our chatbot is here to assist your customers with simple questions and enquiries. Enabling you to introduce more self-serve and provide instant gratification.

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