Update from Jonathan Sharp

Jonathan Sharp proudly marks Britannic's 40th anniversary, underscoring a year of dynamic growth and groundbreaking innovations. Discover the company's 2023 milestones, from transformative leadership changes to cutting-edge technological advancements. Looking ahead, Sharp paints an ambitious and thrilling vision for 2024, brimming with strategic partnerships and pioneering initiatives, poised to redefine customer experience and set new industry standards.

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Britannic's latest news and updates

Get the latest from Britannic with our engaging updates. Learn about enhancing business with Intelligent Managed Services, understand Direct Routing essentials, discover new features in the NetX Portal, explore our new level of partnership with 8x8, and delve into the dynamic synergy of AI and Humans, The Superheroes of Today. Stay informed and ahead in the tech world with these key insights.

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Britannic partner eco-system updates

Find out the latest news, product updates and insightful thought leadership articles from our esteemed partners, including 8x8, Mitel, Five9, Uniphore, and Calabrio. Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge updates, innovative strategies, and expert opinions that are shaping the future of communication and technology.

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Jonathan Sharp CEO of Britannic Headshot

As we welcome 2024 and mark Britannic Technologies' momentous 40th year, I am filled with immense pride and excitement about our past achievements and the vibrant future ahead.

Our journey through 2023, beginning with my appointment as CEO in April, has been real testament to transformative growth and our collective mindset, deeply embedded in our core values of collaboration, innovation, trust, partnership, and excellence. Together, as one Britannic, we've consistently realised our ambitions, bringing these principles to life in every facet of our work.

2023 marked a year of significant evolution for us. We welcomed new roles and functions, enhancing our business operations and emphasising our commitment to both internal talent development and ongoing recruitment. With a new Customer Experience and Success team and sales and product marketing management, we exemplify our dedication to nurturing and growing talent and opportunities within our team and beyond.

Hear more from Jonathan Sharp and the progress Britannic have made in 2023

Britannic updates

Unlock your potential with Intelligent Managed Services

At the Convergence Summit this year, Britannic's breakout sessions centred around a key message: our dedication to enhancing our customers' success through intelligent managed services. These services are tailored not just for maintaining competitiveness, but for setting our customers ahead in their respective fields. One of the highlights of the event was witnessing the delegates' moments of realisation, as they discovered how partnering closely with Britannic could significantly benefit their business operations. Our intelligent managed services are designed to offer crucial data-driven insights and proactive support, elements that can transform and elevate the customer experience in profound ways.

For a more detailed perspective on how these services can benefit your business, we invite you to watch the Convergence Summit videos, which provide further insights into our managed services.

Navigating the Consultancy and Discovery Processes

Product update: changes to NetX portal

We are excited to announce some important updates to our NetX portal. To enhance your user experience and ensure seamless access, we are making a specific change to the web address used for portal access. We kindly request that you update your bookmarks with the new addresses for continued, effortless access to our services. For our users in the UK and the rest of the world, please use uk.netx.btlcloud.net, and for our users in the United States, the new address will be us.netx.btlcloud.net. We appreciate your cooperation in this transition and are here to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have.

See our Netx brochure

Financial industry use AI to understand who their customers are

In the finance industry, a wealth of unused data presents a significant challenge. Understanding customer interactions and their issues is critical for staying competitive. AI interaction analytics can provide a comprehensive view of these interactions, revealing key insights to enhance customer service and efficiency. This technology also aids in analysing customer sentiment and training development. It's crucial for financial firms to leverage this data to improve customer experiences and make strategic decisions.

Read the full article here

AI and humans, the superheroes of today

Jonathan Sharp presents a vision in his latest article where AI is a collaborative force in the workplace. He sees AI as augmenting human roles, potentially creating new jobs, and enhancing efficiency. Sharp encourages strategic AI integration, emphasising human strengths in decision-making and creativity. The full press release, featured on World Commerce Review, details this concept of AI as a 'superhero' in the business world. Learn how to unleash the superhero potential of AI.

AI and humans, the superheroes of today - World Commerce Review 

White paper: Email, the new business enabler

Discover the transformative power of email in our latest white paper, "Email, The New Business Enabler." Dive into the innovative world where AI, automation, and sophisticated email orchestration converge to redefine efficiency. Learn how these cutting-edge technologies are not just enhancing the way businesses communicate but are also paving the way for substantial savings in time and money. This insightful resource is your key to unlocking the full potential of email as a pivotal tool in driving business success and operational excellence. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your business strategy.

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Jonathan Sharp nominated for Customer Experience Professional (CXM) for 2024

We are thrilled to share that our CEO, Jonathan Sharp, has been nominated for 'Customer Experience Professional of 2024' by Customer Experience Magazine, marking his fourth consecutive nomination.

This recognition, especially following his top 20 achievement last year, underscores his dedication to exceptional customer experience. Customer Experience Magazine, a key resource in CX, offers valuable insights through diverse, authoritative industry voices. We encourage you to cast your vote, supporting not just Britannic but the broader CX community and its vital role in modern business:

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Britannic achieves 'Summit' status in 8x8's Elevate Programme

Britannic attains the esteemed 'Summit' status in the 8x8 ‘Elevate’ channel programme, a globally recognised initiative that emphasises exceptional customer experience, unwavering dedication, sales growth, and technical expertise among its partners.

Within the 'Elevate' programme's distinguished tiers – Basecamp, Peak, Apex, and Summit – Britannic has reached the pinnacle. Collaborating closely with customers to understand their objectives and strategies, Britannic and 8x8 demonstrate the transformative power of technology in enhancing business performance, elevating both customer and employee experiences.

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People Shaking Hands

Mitel partner updates

Mitel poised for further success in 2024

2023 was a landmark year for Mitel, marked by its 50th anniversary and the strategic acquisition of Unify. President and CEO Tarun Loomba anticipates further growth in 2024, thanks to a focus on innovation and strong partnerships. Recognised as a one of the leaders in on-premises UC by Synergy Research Group, Mitel is well-positioned for transitioning to cloud technologies. Additionally, Mitel's evolving market strategies and strong focus on customer lifecycle management will continue to bring additional benefits to customers.

For more on Mitel's 2023 achievements and accolades, click through for detailed insights

MiContact Centre Business 10.0: More features, enhanced capabilities

Mitel's latest release, MiContact Centre Business (MiCCB) 10.0, is now on the market, boasting a range of new features aimed at pleasing both customers and contact centre agents. This comes as a timely solution for businesses striving to offer more personalised experiences to their customers, while also addressing the growing dissatisfaction among contact centre agents. Explore five exciting new features in MiCCB 10.0 that are set to delight everyone involved.

5 Reasons to get excited about MiContact Centre Business 10.0

Mitel expert spotlight: Sarah Watson on security, problem-solving, and UC integration in financial services

The financial services industry is fundamental to both the economy and daily life, playing a crucial role in managing transactions, assets, and driving economic growth. This sector, characterised by a flurry of numbers and transactions, requires an in-depth understanding of market dynamics and the agility to adapt to constant change.

Join Mitel expert Sarah Watson, who has over 30 years of experience in guiding customers through digital transformation and technological upheavals, as she shares insights on steering towards success in this ever-evolving industry. 

Tune into Mitel’s podcast to delve deeper into this fascinating topic

Five9 partner updates

Group of students smiling in a selfie

Five9 announces Five9 OneStudent to help higher education answer the call for better student engagement

Five9 introduces OneStudent, a new cloud-based contact centre solution specifically designed for the education sector. This innovative system aims to transform student engagement by offering multi-channel communication options, improving advisor productivity, and providing greater operational agility and scalability. Highlighting the need for rapid, diverse communication methods, Five9's solution enables educational institutions to meet the evolving expectations of students.

The move to the cloud also facilitates the integration of AI technologies for enhanced student-advisor interactions. For an in-depth look at how OneStudent is reshaping student engagement in higher education and the role of AI.

Read the full press release

Read the full press release

Contact centre quality monitoring – five essential steps

In today's competitive landscape, where 94% of consumers are likely to become repeat customers after a positive service experience, the quality of customer service can make or break your business. "Your call may be recorded for training purposes" is more than just a routine message—it's a crucial part of ensuring your contact centre's success. Quality monitoring in contact centre's is essential, as it directly influences customer satisfaction and loyalty. Five9's latest article unpacks the significance of effective quality monitoring, offering insights on how to enhance call centre performance and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. Learn about the key steps and benefits of implementing a robust quality monitoring strategy, including improved customer retention, performance optimisation, and actionable feedback.

Dive into the article to discover how to elevate your customer service and safeguard your business's future

8x8 partner updates

contact centre agent smiling on video

Enhance customer support with 8x8's new video integration

Contact centre agents are now empowered to enhance customer interactions by seamlessly integrating video within the 8x8 Agent Workspace. This new feature enables agents to visually assist customers in troubleshooting issues via their mobile devices. The latest solution incorporates 8x8's secure video interaction capabilities directly into the 8x8 Contact Centre. This integration allows organisations to effortlessly incorporate video into their customer service, significantly improving first contact resolution.

Read more about 8x8's Agent Workspace Video Integration

Introducing voice self-service to 8x8 Intelligent Customer Assistant

The 8x8 Intelligent Customer Assistant, a cutting-edge conversational AI solution, has now extended its capabilities to include voice self-service. This new addition enhances the solution's already robust and intuitive AI self-service features, allowing for the creation of both simple and complex customer experiences across digital and voice channels. This advancement is designed to decrease wait times and offer immediate, highly personalised, and natural interactions for users.

Watch the video with the latest updates

Introducing enhanced voice IVR capabilities in 8x8 Voice Solutions

8x8 has expanded its Voice solutions to include Voice IVR capabilities, offering customers the tools to create an automated phone system for tasks like call routing and digit capture. This enhancement facilitates real-time interactions, allowing users to self-serve and access information independently. It also streamlines call routing for better issue resolution. These advancements lead to more efficient customer support and an improved overall customer experience. 

Getting started with 8x8 IVR services 

Microphone set up with computer editing software in the background

78% of UK IT Decision Makers are Deploying AI and Automation to Future Proof Their Businesses – 8x8's new report, "Permacrisis: The View from the IT Frontline", unveils how UK businesses are countering ongoing instability with AI and automation. 

Surveying over 550 IT decision-makers, the report highlights a 91% permacrisis impact rate, with industries like education, health, and retail adapting to challenges like inflation and Brexit. Key findings include a significant push towards digital transformation and the strategic use of AI to streamline operations and improve satisfaction. The report by 8x8 provides crucial insights into the role of technology in maintaining business continuity and preparing for future crises.

For a detailed exploration of these findings, read the full "Permacrisis" report

8x8 Winter 2024 Update Webinar

Warm up your winter with an exclusive invite to the 8x8 Winter Product Update Webinar! Dive into the cozy comforts of the season while we walk you through the pivotal advancements of 2023 and offer you a first look at what's in store for 2024.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, February 7, 2024, and join 8x8 at 8am PT/11am ET/4pm GMT for an insightful session that promises to elevate your communications strategy.

Highlights include a comprehensive 2023 recap, the latest in CPaaS offerings, enhanced meeting experiences with summaries, the unveiling of AI summarisation features, and an exclusive segment with our VP of Professional Services, Chuck Emmett. Unable to attend live? No worries—register anyway, and we'll ensure you receive a recording post-webinar. Secure your spot now and stay ahead in the communications landscape with the 8x8 Winter Product Update.

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Uniphore partner updates

Umesh Sachdev CEO and Co Founder of Unifore

Uniphore CEO Umesh Sachdev named AI innovator of the year 2023

Uniphore celebrates Umesh Sachdev, its Co-Founder and CEO, being named 2023's AI Innovator of the Year by the AI Developer World Conference. This honour recognises his significant contributions to AI and machine learning, furthering Uniphore's advancement in enterprise AI solutions. Sachdev's leadership has been crucial in Uniphore's pioneering role in the AI industry.

Learn more in the full Uniphore press release

Uniphore advances enterprise AI with next-generation X platform capabilities

Uniphore has unveiled groundbreaking updates to its X Platform, revolutionising enterprise customer and employee experiences. These enhancements incorporate Knowledge AI, Emotion AI, and Generative AI, leveraging voice, video, and text data. Unlike competitors focused on text-based models, Uniphore's holistic approach significantly improves interaction accuracy and effectiveness. The platform now offers robust AI solutions, addressing challenges like data privacy and enhancing user interactions with contextual and empathetic responses. Highlights include a new manager application in U-Assist, enhanced digital support in U-Self Serve, and improved meeting summarisation in Q for Sales.

Learn more about Uniphore's X Platform Updates

5 key lessons from our chat with Cigna’s global head of CX

John Ward, Global Head of CX at Cigna, discusses with Uniphore the intricacies of customer experience (CX) and AI in the "Conversations That Matter" podcast. His insights focus on understanding customer needs and leveraging AI for better service. Key takeaways include starting with the core problem, emphasising the human element in CX, mastering the basics based on customer feedback, drawing inspiration from various industries, and maintaining a culture of curiosity for continuous improvement. Ward's approach highlights the balance between technology and human-centric service in enhancing CX. For a more in-depth look at Ward's strategies in CX and AI:

Delve into the Full Video Blog

Calabrio partner updates

Woman with blonde curly hair with headset

The great AI paradox for contact centre agents

The "State of the Contact Centre 2023" report reveals a future where contact centres will rely more on human agents, not less, despite the rise of AI. Contrary to expectations, AI's integration in customer service is predicted to increase the need for agents. This report, based on a survey by Calabrio of 400 contact centre managers worldwide, shows that 70% expect an increase in agent numbers. It highlights the evolving role of agents as AI handles routine tasks, pushing agents to tackle more complex customer interactions and become brand ambassadors. The report also points out a skills gap in current agents and suggests strategies like improving engagement, training, and resilience to prepare for an AI-enhanced future. Discover more about the future role of agents in AI-driven contact centres by reading the full report.

Calabrio ONE update: new features and enhancements

Calabrio ONE has introduced several new features and enhancements in its December 2023 update, focused on improving the Workforce Management (WFM) experience.

These updates are designed to make workforce management more efficient and user-friendly for Calabrio ONE users:

  • Improved Agent Selection Post-Note Addition (v. 2312.12.2, December 12): On the Schedules page, when multiple agents are selected and a note is added to one, Calabrio ONE now retains the selection. This enhancement streamlines the process of managing groups of agents, especially after making individual note additions.
  • Enhanced Absence Request Management (v. 2312.1.10, December 4): New updates in workflow control sets include setting a minimum duration for absence requests and defining increments for submission. For instance, you can now require that certain types of absence requests be a minimum of two hours and in even-hour increments.
  • Week Numbers in Schedule Date Picker (v. 2312.1.10, December 4): The calendar date picker on the Schedules page now displays week numbers, reinstating a feature from the old Teams page, enhancing usability in scheduling.
statistics plot graph
Two computer screens side by side

Discover the future of contact centres with Calabrio's "Working Smarter" podcast

Join host Dave Hoekstra, Calabrio WFM evangelist, in the Calabrio podcast series "Working Smarter," which explores the latest trends, best practices, and success stories in the multi-channel contact centre industry. This series offers insights into transitioning from reactive solutions to proactive strategies in the digital era of contact centres.

Tune in to industry-leading knowledge and strategies

Zoom partner updates

Zoom AI Companion hits one million meeting summaries milestone

Zoom Video Communications is thrilled to announce a significant expansion and enhancement of the Zoom AI Companion, just weeks after its impressive debut. Now supporting 32 additional languages and introducing innovative features for Zoom Events, in-meeting questions, and a groundbreaking meeting coaching tool, the AI Companion is set to revolutionise how we interact and engage in virtual spaces. With over 125,000 accounts already leveraging AI Companion for more than one million meeting summaries, these updates underscore Zoom's commitment to delivering unparalleled value and cutting-edge AI capabilities to its users. For an in-depth look at these exciting developments and to understand how they can transform your Zoom experience. Join us in embracing the future of virtual communication.

Read the full press release

Zoom CTO answers 3 big questions about AI

Dive into the fascinating intersection of AI, creativity, and social connection in Zoom’s latest blog, where Zoom's CTO, Xuedong Huang, and Nick Thompson, CEO of The Atlantic, engage in a thought-provoking discussion. Unveiled at our Work Transformation Summit, this conversation explores whether AI can foster a more equitable world, enhance human creativity, and reshape our social interactions. From the democratising potential of AI in meetings to its role in bridging language gaps and fostering creative environments, Huang and Thompson delve into the nuances of AI's impact on our professional and personal lives. For a deeper understanding of these pivotal themes and more, including how AI could redefine the essence of meetings and social connectivity, head over to Zoom’s blog. 

Don't miss this insightful dialogue that demystifies AI and its transformative potential

Zoomtopia 2023: One platform delivering limitless human connection

Zoomtopia 2023 announced a wave of new platform innovations powered by advanced AI to enhance your workday through seamless communication and collaboration tools. Among these, Zoom Docs stands out as a revolutionary way to collaborate, integrating AI at its core for a flexible, modular workspace that syncs effortlessly with Zoom and other apps. This next-gen tool is designed to streamline project management and organization, offering traditional document capabilities alongside innovative AI-driven features like meeting content population, content generation, quick summarisation, and efficient document search. Scheduled for general release in 2024, Zoom Docs epitomises Zoom's commitment to solving real business challenges by fostering limitless human connections. 

Read press release to explore these innovations and understand how they can transform your collaborative efforts