Jonathan Sharp CMX star

Jonathan Sharp, CEO, Britannic Awarded 12th Top CX Professional in CXMStars™ 2024

We are excited to share that our CEO, Jonathan Sharp, has earned the distinguished 12th spot among top CX professionals in the CXMStars™ 2024 by Customer Experience Magazine (CXM). A testament to his visionary leadership and innovative approach in enhancing customer experiences through cutting-edge technologies like AI and automation.

Under Jonathan's guidance, Britannic has soared to new heights, emphasising a culture of creativity, autonomy, and exceptional service. His efforts in establishing key departments and driving innovation underscore his commitment to excellence in customer experience. Join us in congratulating Jonathan on this prestigious recognition! Here's to more innovations and continued success under his inspiring leadership!

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Jonathan Sharp CEO of Britannic

Reflections on Britannic and the future ahead from Jonathan Sharp

"As we embark on a new financial year, I reflect on the past year, my first as CEO of Britannic, with immense pride.

It was a year of significant achievements, onboarding new partnerships, welcoming new clients, further developing and strengthening relationships with existing customers, achieving robust growth, developing new products and services, and firmly embedding new strategic initiatives.

We closed out the financial year with double-digit growth and celebrated numerous milestones that highlight our commitment to continuously evolving and enhancing the value we deliver to our clients and partners.

Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership. I look forward to what we can achieve together as we embrace the opportunities that lie ahead in this dynamic market.

Warm regards,

Jonathan Sharp, CEO, Britannic"

Driving Digital Transformation

Our commitment to innovation remains paramount as we continue to introduce transformative solutions like the Britannic Analytics Insights Engine. This tool set complements our consultative review and planning approach, providing valuable insights from data, spanning voice communications, email, SMS, WhatsApp, social reviews and even CRM data.

This enables us to work closely with our customers helping them to form effective and targeted change strategies and roadmaps, with free of charge insights reports and consultative support from our experienced team.

Our leading SIP platform, NetX, has also received significant enhancements, establishing it as a superior alternative to traditional ISDN and PSTN and indeed alternative SIP solutions, ensuring readiness for the wholesale PSTN switch-off with confidence.

Looking ahead with vision

As we celebrate our 40th year in business, our vision for Britannic is clear, we aim to stand out in the market as a valuable consultative technology partner, with market-leading service and support.

We remain at the forefront of Customer Experience, Unified Communications, Networking, AI, Automation, and Analytics, recognising these as transformative forces that provide targeted, data-driven, and hyper-personalised customer experiences and productivity and efficiency boosting applications.

Fostering a culture of innovation and learning

The introduction of our Customer Experience and Success Team marks a significant stride in deepening our consultative business model. This team has been crucial in ensuring we not only understand but also effectively respond to our clients' needs with tailored solutions.

Empowering our people and partners

We are committed to an inclusive and innovative culture where every colleague's voice is heard and valued. This ethos is evident from our recent company-wide anonymous survey, which resulted in an impressive employee NPS (Net Promotor Score) of 76, highlighting our positive culture.

Strategic focus for 2024

In 2024, we will deepen our commitment to data-driven consultancy, intelligent managed services and leveraging modern technologies. We aim to solidify our reputation as a consultative technology partner, adept at translating business needs into effective system designs, and continue to foster long-standing, mutually beneficial partnerships.

Butterfly on cold landscape representing the idea of change and digital transformation

New Digital Transformation projects

Digital technologies are without doubt driving business success and operational excellence and there are many examples to prove it. Here we highlight two recent digital transformation project wins with Britannic:

Automation in Higher Education - improving student communication

A higher education organisation, has traditionally struggled to convert applicant offers to students. They recognise that their establishment relies on the personal touch to assure applicants that their student experience will be first rate. They have done this through proactive outreach, managed by academics and support staff alike. By working with Britannic, they will be able to systemise this personalised outreach and all subsequent communications, delivering a consistent and joined up experience for all applicants with complete management information returned to the establishment enabling them to track the prospective student’s journey. Students and staff are able to instantly access information, eliminating delays and streamlining operations. Automation frees up valuable resources from repetitive tasks empowering staff to deliver a higher level of support and engagement, ultimately improving the overall experience for students and staff alike.

Leisure group streamlining all channels

A leisure group has been struggling with managing social posts and fully integrating incoming real-time digital channels into their communications platform. Together with Britannic they are implementing Bizvu’s messaging platform which has a powerful set of tools for managing real-time digital interactions via their platform of choice, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, webchat and potentially Trip Advisor and Google Reviews. This effective management of real-time digital interactions will create operating efficiencies and deliver richer management information to the leadership team. It will also pave the way for enhanced customer journeys and improvements in customer experience.

There are many more examples of digital communications transformation as readers will have gleaned from our whitepaper “Email, The New Business Enabler”. Here we explain how revolutionising email processes will make a fundamental difference to a strategy for growth and success across numerous organisations. Email orchestration has the capability to increase productivity and efficiency, provide operational savings, improve CX and free up resources.

Access the whitepaper now and reap the benefits of digital transformation.

Britannic and 8x8 Event!

Join 8x8 and Britannic - the 8x8 Summit Partner - for an interactive workshop designed to revolutionise your approach to customer experience (CX) and communication and provide you with a roadmap update. With well-aligned strategic objectives to enhance business performance and customer experiences, we will deliver our shared expertise and knowledge.

AI, the CX Transformer: Revolutionise Customer Engagement with Britannic and 8x8

Whether you're an existing user of the 8x8 communications portfolio or exploring new possibilities for your organisation, we extend a warm welcome to IT Directors and managers, and those engaged in digital transformation and customer experience excellence who strive to push the boundaries.

Ready to transform your approach to customer engagement?

Join us on May 16, 2024, don't miss out – Register now

Business meeting in hall
Student in gown holding diploma

Empowering Higher Education with Amazon Alexa 

Returning from UCISA Leadership Conference 2024, we're inspired by our interactions with higher education innovators and the exploration of advanced educational strategies. We had the fantastic opportunity to showcase our latest integration with Amazon Alexa.

Integrating Amazon Alexa into university communications revolutionises campus life by enabling easy access to information, such as course registrations and university details, through simple voice commands. This system supports multiple languages, enhancing accessibility for a diverse academic community. Additionally, it offers a new revenue avenue through sponsored Alexa advertisements. For students, Alexa can control dorm smart devices, report issues, and provide campus news and updates, making campus living more convenient and connected. This integration streamlines university interactions, making information and services more accessible and efficient. Want to see how else we can help higher education?

How Britannic help Higher Education
Couple at reception desk of hotel

Top 9 Tips for Hotel Guest Communication: Essential Know-How for Hospitality

Seeking ways to elevate your hotel's guest communication to new heights of engagement and effectiveness? You're in the perfect spot. Dive into our expert insights on enhancing your connection with guests through impactful tweaks in everyday interactions and the adoption of transformative best practices.

Discover all the details in our full blog
Female recruiter with glasses looking over male candidate CV

Rethinking recruitment with AI

AI is transforming the landscape of recruitment and employee development, with apprenticeships emerging as a compelling approach that harmonises the acquisition of new talent and the enhancement of current employees' skills to address today's digital competency shortages.

This technological evolution is set to enrich our work lives, eliminating the monotony of routine tasks and allowing us to concentrate on creativity, collaboration, and the high-value aspects of our roles. It's essential for businesses to innovate their upskilling strategies and recruitment practices, fostering a culture that embraces continuous learning and development. By empowering employees to explore the potential of AI and its appropriate applications, companies can ensure their workforce remains ahead of the curve. AI isn't about replacing jobs, but rather, it's the individuals adept at leveraging AI who will lead the future workforce.

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Students at a lecture raising hand

Breaking down barriers, mastering communications in higher education

Effective communication is pivotal in nurturing a dynamic and inclusive academic environment. For students, faculty, and administrators alike, navigating communication barriers can be a complex task.

We're excited to present an enlightening article from our most recent blog post which tackles 4 key communication challenges in higher education. This article explores the prevalent communication obstacles encountered across campuses and unveils cutting-edge approaches and tangible solutions aimed at boosting collaboration and engagement within the academic community.

Britannic achievements and product updates

Britannic First Partner in the UK to Achieve Zoom’s Triple Competency

Britannic has proudly become the UK's first technology partner to master all three Zoom competencies, solidifying its status as a key advisor in enhancing communications with Zoom Phone and Customer Experience solutions. This expands Zoom's offerings from video conferencing to a comprehensive communications platform including phone services and contact centres.

Britannic introduces NetX Direct Routing, seamlessly blending Zoom with existing telephony systems for a unified communication experience.

Achieving these competencies showcases Britannic's deep understanding of communication needs and its ability to customize solutions for businesses, highlighting its expertise in Zoom's cloud-based phone systems, Customer Experience solutions, and technical implementation. Britannic continues to lead in transforming business communications for better connectivity and efficiency

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Man on mobile phone pushing button

New Product Announcement: NetSMS

Embrace the mobile-first world with Britannic's NetSMS, your solution for seamless SMS communication. Enhance customer engagement with automated, two-way conversations directly on their mobile phones. From personalised reminders to mass broadcasts, NetSMS ensures timely and relevant interactions. Integrate it into your omnichannel marketing campaigns for consistent messaging across all platforms, leveraging AI for smarter targeting. Enjoy significant business benefits like faster communication, reduced admin time, and cost savings without the need for extra hardware or software. Discover the efficiency and personalisation NetSMS brings to your business communications: Download the brochure to discover more.

Download the brochure to discover more
Partner news, updates and insights
Microphone and guard set-up with monitor in background

8x8 extends XCaaS platform AI capabilities with real-time meeting transcriptions and smart summarisations

8x8 is thrilled to unveil the latest enhancement to their XCaaS platform: AI-powered video meeting capabilities. This cutting-edge update introduces real-time AI transcriptions, intelligent summaries, and actionable follow-up items, designed to revolutionise your meeting experiences. With this advancement, 8x8 reaffirms its commitment to platform innovation, seamlessly integrating AI-driven solutions into their contact centre and unified communications offerings. Their goal is to empower your collaborations, elevating productivity and efficiency to new heights.

Read the full product update here

8x8 Receives Multiple Awards for Continued Innovation

8x8’s commitment to excellence and innovation has once again been acknowledged across the industry, with their latest accolades including placement on the 2024 Constellation ShortList™ for both Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). Their achievements have been spotlighted in the G2 Winter 2024 Awards and the prestigious G2 2024 Best Software Awards. These awards affirm their ongoing dedication to delivering exceptional service and pioneering solutions in the digital communication sphere.

Read full press release here

Trends for 2024: Contact Centre AI for everyone

Historically, the high costs and substantial IT resources required for AI implementation have put these solutions out of reach for smaller organisations. However, this gap is rapidly closing as we enter a new era of AI for contact centres. This evolution is marked by the advent of generative AI, which is set to democratize access to advanced technologies for businesses of every size. Discover how in 8x8's latest blog on AI and Contact Centres.

Read 2024 contact centre trends

Ai customer service enhancing male user
Five9 partner updates

Five9 Named as a Leader in Aragon’s Research Globe™ for Conversational AI in the Intelligent Contact Centre, 2024

Five9 has been recognised as a leader in the 2024 Aragon Research Globe™ for Conversational AI in the Intelligent Contact Centre (ICC), celebrating their innovative solutions like the Intelligent Virtual Agent, Agent Assist, and AI Insights. These tools are revolutionising both customer and agent experiences by enhancing self-service and providing intelligent support for superior business outcomes.

Aragon Research applauds Five9 for their dedication to personalising customer interactions through advanced AI, automation, and analytics, seamlessly integrated into their platform. The Five9 Intelligent CX Platform stands as a transformative force in customer engagement, leveraging AI to deliver tailored experiences and actionable insights, setting a new standard in the industry. 

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Step-by-step Guide to Creating the Perfect Customer Journey Map

Are you on a quest to elevate your customer experience with a journey map but feeling a bit lost at the starting line? Explore Five9’s latest blog where they unwrap the essentials of customer journey mapping. From its core concept to the myriad of advantages, the steps for crafting one, the hurdles you might face, to the strategies for overcoming them, and real-life case studies, they’ve laid it all out.

Read the full blog here
Mitel partner updates

UC Trends in 2024 With Mitel's Martin Bitzinger

Join Martin Bitzinger and Metrigy's President, Irwin Lazar, for a captivating discussion on the future of Unified Communications (UC) in 2024. Dive into an enlightening conversation as Martin delves into the latest UC platforms, tailored communication solutions for different industries, the shifting landscape of buyer expectations, and a wealth of other insights.

Listen to the podcast now: MetriSight Ep.54

UC Today: A Journey to the Modern Day Workplace

No matter your workspace, the technology shaping our work practices is set to advance further in 2024. In a thought-provoking conversation hosted by UC Today's Kieran Devlin, Mitel's CTO Luiz Domingos and Jim McKenna from Black Box explore the dynamic evolution of the employee experience. They explore the pivotal role that contemporary business communication tools play in enabling organisations to navigate and thrive amidst change.

A Journey to the Modern Day Workplace - UC Today

Zoom partner updates

Zoom unveils AI-powered collaboration platform, Zoom Workplace, to reimagine teamwork

Zoom is excited to unveil Zoom Workplace, their innovative AI-driven open collaboration platform, alongside the latest enhancements to AI Companion, designed to redefine teamwork. With new AI Companion integrations for Zoom Phone, the introduction of Ask AI Companion, a revamped Zoom app interface, and more, they're delivering a comprehensive AI-powered solution for today's workplace needs. Additionally, they've upgraded the Zoom Contact Centre with customer experience improvements, empowering businesses to fortify customer connections and utilise real-time AI insights to elevate live agent interactions.

Read the full product details

Zoom's latest AI advancements are revolutionising the way analytics are accessed and significantly enhancing the customer experience

Zoom introduces their new AI Companion features, designed to enhance connectivity, productivity, and collaboration throughout the platform. Coupled with further improvements in Zoom Team Chat, Zoom Whiteboard, and Zoom Meetings, their generative AI assistant, Zoom AI Companion—available at no extra charge—now empowers administrators with tools to monitor AI utilisation and adoption, while also equipping contact centre agents with advanced capabilities to elevate customer interactions.

See full release details here

Calabrio partner updates

Research Report: State of the Contact Centre 2023

Activating the Agent of the Future - Contact centres are evolving, driven by the rise of remote work and the integration of Artificial Intelligence—a trend that's set to continue. But where does this leave the contact centre agent of tomorrow? Who are they, and what steps are necessary to harness their full potential?

Calabrio’s report, based on insights from 400 contact centre managers worldwide, sheds light on critical questions, including:

  • Will the next decade see an increase or decrease in the number of agents, according to 70% of the surveyed managers?
  • In which areas will AI have the most beneficial impact, and where will the challenges of implementing it be most felt?
  • What crucial skill must the future agent master?
  • What stands out as the foremost opportunity for agent self-service to boost engagement?

Neglecting to engage your agents and equip them for an AI-driven future means risking falling behind. Secure your copy of the report to ensure you're well-prepared and ahead of the curve.

2023 State of the Contact Center Report

What’s New in Calabrio ONE V11?

Understand the latest advancements introduced in this release, Calabrio invite you to explore several resources designed to provide comprehensive insights. Begin with the "What's New in V11" video, where you'll be guided through the key features and improvements with visual demonstrations. For a detailed breakdown of each enhancement and update, the V11 release notes are an invaluable resource, offering in-depth information on what's new and how it can benefit your operations.

Watch the video now
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