Outstanding Service During COVID-19

Trailfinders, an award-winning travel company, operate a virtual contact centre with 38 travel centres working together using Dynamic Call Routing to provide a seamless customer service. It was paramount for them to continue to provide a superior customer service and maintain efficiencies and productivity levels during the crisis.

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The huge increase in calls was to be expected. Trailfinders knew they would have to prioritise them to help customers who were stranded overseas and who were due to travel imminently. The calls were categorised into two areas.

The highest priority calls were for the customers who were stranded overseas and needed repatriation. Trailfinders identified their phone numbers from their bookings and the system instantly recognised it when they called in as a priority call and routed it to the correct agent who could assist them with getting a flight home.

The second priority was for customers who were due to travel in the next two weeks who may want to re-schedule or get a refund. Their calls were again routed to the correct team of agents, meaning the customers didn’t have to experience long wait times, or have their calls passed around to different teams before their problem was solved.

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Drastically Reduced Wait Times

Dynamic Call Routing matches the caller’s number to a database by identifying the customer and routing it to the correct consultant. This process takes less than a second, therefore substantially reducing transfer times, increasing efficiencies and productivity. This relieves the customer frustration of being transferred from one agent to another.

Trailfinders use our CTI integration to identify the caller and pop a screen so the agent can see their history and personal details. Delivering a personal service is key to Trailfinders’ success.

We also assisted with the re-location of Trailfinders’ 1,000 staff to working at home. The teleworking solution was robust, resilient and easy for the users to set up at home providing them with the same features and functionalities they have in the office.

Improved Agility and Customer Experience

Customer Service

Trailfinders continued to deliver an outstanding customer experience, protecting their brand even in a global pandemic. They successfully routed calls from over 8,000 clients with imminent travel plans and over 5,000 clients who needed repatriation.

Flexible and Creative

Our technologies and solutions are flexible. We can work with you to tailor and re-design them for your objectives. Just as we re-redesigned the Dynamic Call Routing to prioritse Trailfinders calls at the start of lockdown.

Increase Productivity

By removing the need to transfer calls from one agent to another you can benefit from a productivity gain of 1 minute per agent which equates to a saving of thousands of man hours per year.

Bespoke Solutions

Matthew Raymond, IT Director


By the end of the height of the crisis we had successfully routed over 5,000 clients who needed repatriation and over 8,000 clients with imminent travel plans, this is despite us also pro-actively calling these clients. The benefit of the Dynamic Call Routing solution from Britannic is that it is extremely flexible which allowed us to configure it to our needs during the COVID-19 crisis.

One Step Ahead

Trailfinders were prepared when faced with the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. With our technology they could act quickly in re-designing the Dynamic Call Routing to meet their needs and were able to deploy all staff to work at home. They foresaw the requirement for business continuity planning before the disaster happened and as result their business and customer service could carry on as seamlessly as it did before.


Calls routed for clients with imminent travel plans


Calls routed for clients who needed repatriation

1 minute

Productivity gain per agent (equating to thousands of man hours saved per year)

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