Britannic specialise in managing communications estates in companies that are transitioning change, whether that is a merger, acquisition, or a company that is separating from one another.

A leading facilities management company in the housing sector was struggling with an aged communications estate that hindered their ability to meet objectives and provide customers with a seamless service. As a facilities management company, they need to be able to access and provide detailed management information which the system couldn’t offer. Coupled with the challenges above the company was about to de-merge from its deeply rooted sister company, facing a period of change.

Britannic reassured them not to be overwhelmed by the extent of their requirements particularly through this difficult and unsettling transition. And that their potential journey to digital transformation can be de-constructed into manageable sized projects, at their own pace.

The experts from Britannic worked closely with the customer and held discovery workshops with various departments to discuss their objectives and challenges. They immersed themselves in the business, to understand their operations, processes, people and culture. Discovering their requirements and matching technology to their business, designing a tailored solution for them.

By deconstructing their plan to digitalise, improve communications and services they were able to create smaller projects to be approved and signed off, making it easier to deploy and manage.

Britannic designed and deployed a new communications infrastructure hosted in the cloud, utilising their existing infrastructure. The Facilities company now enjoys a complete managed service so they can free up the IT team to focus on strategic areas, leaving the day to day management to Britannic. The Cloud also provides them with business continuity should a disaster or power failure occur meaning that they can carry on with business as normal. They also have access to the latest technology and moves, adds and changes and other administration can be easily performed in the cloud.

The company now has a robust and resilient platform which will enable them to add on the technology and applications to improve customer experience. They are currently looking to incorporate flexible working and augment the contact centre with Omni-channel capabilities.

Digital transformation is not a race and this where we regularly see the downfall of companies rushing to deploy the latest technologies without a strategy. Your technology needs to be aligned to your objectives, operations and processes for it to succeed.

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