Retrofitting, decarbonisation, placemaking, social mobility, cuts to Universal Credit, strategic partnership deals – the list of complex considerations is so long that staff in the social housing sector rarely have time to exclusively focus on their core client – tenants. 

Our digital and communications solutions give housing organisations the tools they need to tackle the biggest challenges in the housing sector and enable a better tenant experience through effective contact centre management. 

In our experience housing associations are very much focused on listening to and serving their customers, putting them front and centre. But in an environment with so many different pressures and demands on funding and a need to deliver value for money, it is often difficult to see how to make their residents’ lives easier. 

There are simple ways that you can both make things easier for your customers and become more efficient, such as: 

Data and insights – Access to good quality data helps everyone and speeds up processes. Data insights provide visibility and direction. 

Digital channel shifts - Self-service, chatbots and automated workflows and processes empower customers to gain information at a time and place of their choosing while freeing up agents to handle more complex matters. 

Empowering employees – Speed up decisions with access to relevant data, knowledge bases and rapid access to back office staff. 

Moving to the modern cloud/cloud modernisation – enables staff to work from anywhere. Roll out updates quickly and easily. Manage systems more effectively. 

Supporting vulnerable tenants – Providing a priority service for vulnerable tenants with methods of communication that best suit them improves inclusivity. 


These are just some of the many ways that Britannic works with housing associations, providing digital and communications solutions to give housing organisations the tools they need to enable a better customer experience through effective contact centre management as evidenced by a recent press announcement of a new solution for Thrive Homes.  


Anne Bijum, Assistant Director Customer from Thrive Homes, “Britannic are a well-known trusted provider in the housing market, they shared our values and submitted a very strong tender response. We are looking forward to working with them to improve the service that we offer customers and to modernise our contact centre, driving the organisation forward and enabling us to achieve our objectives.” 


Digital transformation will be a key driver for housing associations in the future, but it is important for you to gain a deep understanding of your communities’ digital needs in order for you to have a successful strategy in place. Using effective technology, efficient processes and partnerships is the key to success. We can help you make the most of your existing technology and will take the time to understand your audience so we can provide you will solutions that will maximise your outcomes. 

With over 20 years of experience within the housing sector, we understand the key challenges you may face. We also know how to solve many of those problems with a combination of advice underpinned by technology. Our goal is to help you deliver a great customer experience to all in the housing sector. Helping you to support your most vulnerable tenants and encouraging your digital transformation shift, supporting you as an agent of change. 


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