The 13th iteration of the government’s cloud procurement framework goes live this week and we’re proud to announce we’re one of the suppliers! We’ve been awarded a place on the G-Cloud 13 framework as suppliers of lot 2: Cloud Software.

As with the previous versions of the framework, G-Cloud 13 is set to last for 12 months; before being reiterated. G-Cloud helps to drive digital transformation within the public sector. 

This article outlines exactly what G-Cloud is and how it can help your organisation find the right digital transformation partner; plus 10 technologies Britannic offer through the framework. 

What is G-Cloud? 

The G-Cloud framework is all about simplicity. It connects public sector organisations with the right suppliers to help deliver digital transformation projects. Buying services through government frameworks like G-Cloud is faster and cheaper than entering into individual procurement contracts.  

Britannic are on the framework as a lot 2 Cloud Software supplier, this means that we can provide applications that are accessed over the internet and hosted in the cloud; our customers only pay for what they use.  

You can use the digital marketplace to buy cloud services through G-Cloud 13 

G-Cloud for Local Government  

Digital transformation is a tricky subject for local government. Faced with savage budget cuts and a severe shortage of resource, choosing the right technology partner has never been more important. It’s a tall order, but having worked with the likes of North Hertfordshire District Council to implement projects that deliver faster services and significant cost savings we know it’s possible.   

You can wave goodbye to those legacy systems, we know how to implement infrastructure, apps and microservices that will help stretch your meagre resources 

For the CIOs, CTOs, anyone handling digital transformation projects in local government they are facing several complex issues that need to be managed: 

  • Getting buy-in and rallying support is tough, really tough  
  • Building a business case for the adoption of new technologies  
  • Encouraging out with the old, in with the new, whilst also keeping the lights on   
  • Ensuring business continuity and dealing with the ever-changing threat from cybercrime  
  • Reviewing contracts that are often too restrictive and expensive  
  • Managing the bounce-back from COVID-19

The right G-Cloud supplier will help you tackle all these issues.  

10 Technologies you need Through our G-Cloud 13 framework  

Our solutions are all Software as a Service (SaaS), they create experiences that meet or surpass expectations, creating value both for the customer, the employee and the organisation. 

We’ve got several technologies on the framework that are must haves for local government councils. You don’t have to consume them from the cloud, but it’s an easy option for speed and agility. 

1. Telephony, Contact Centres and Unified Comms, all up in the Cloud

Our communications solutions in the cloud are all flexible and scalable. You only pay for what you use, so peak and busier times can be factored in. Our telephony, contact centre and unified communications solutions mean that you don’t need to worry so much about keeping the lights on. We’ll do that for you, enabling you to think about the next step in your transformation journey. With open technologies, it’s really easy to add on new capabilities as and when you need them.

All these solutions contribute towards improving your ability to deliver fantastic customer service and bolster employee collaboration, from any location. Connecting your world.

With private and hybrid cloud solutions available from Mitel, UCaaS and CCaaS from 8x8 and the Intelligent Cloud Contact Centre and Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) from Five9 we have something for everyone.  They all integrate well with Microsoft Teams.  Direct Routing into Microsoft Teams provides another simple route for connecting to the PSTN.

2. BiziBOT – Conversational AI

BiziBOT is your next best digital agent, helping in your contact centre to deal with menial tasks and requests. If your council receives say 37,000 calls around waste and recycling each year, typically 80% of calls are around mundane collection and dumping of rubbish. Imagine if you could just outsource this to an intelligent chatbot? Leaving your human contact centre staff to deal with more important and urgent cases.

BiziBOT is available 24/7, 365, learning with each conversation and ready to serve information up to your customers. Chatbots are renowned for reducing the cost to serve and adding value to organisations.

3. Be PCI compliant with DTMF masking

Within local government it’s common for payments to be handled over the phone. This means that PCI compliance is vital. Our PCI compliance solution is level 1 fully certified. It works by masking the DTMF tones and pausing the call recording whilst the payment is taken. It keeps the agent away from the payment details, but fully engaged with the caller the whole way through, providing peace of mind and increased customer satisfaction.

4. Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC)

Enhance your customer experience, collaboration and efficiency through WebRTC capabilities. Our Webcall solution enables peer-to-peer browsing based applications for voice, video, file sharing and chat. The customer can chat, or call you at the click of a button on your website and be talking with an agent within seconds. This call can escalate to a video and co-browsing, to help people populate forms, or find their way round documents – a great tool for encouraging adoption of new services, or helping vulnerable adults.

The global pandemic has taught us that websites are vital when in-person services aren’t an option. That’s why it is going to be crucial for public sector organisations to be able to offer more services and join up journeys across their sites.

5. Resilient Call Routing

Our SIP trunking service, netX2 provides businesses with cost reduction from line consolidation and through the replacement of expensive legacy analogue and digital lines with IP call routing. This will also support your business continuity with resilient call routing and save you from those dreaded outages when workmen cut through the lines. But it also gives you great flexibility to route and prioritise calls.

6. Gamification to Increase Employee Motivation

With resources scarce; it’s essential for local government to work at attracting, retaining and motivating the employees that come through their doors. It’s a well-known fact that happy employees equal happy customers.

Our REWARDS solution enables you to create tournaments, game battles and map user performance within the contact centre. Making it simple for you to recognise and reward behaviour, activity and outcomes.

7. Social Media Messeging

As social media networks begin to increasingly become a platform where citizens expect customer service; local government need to keep up with this demand and be able to monitor their channels quickly and easily.

8. Workforce Management

Those of you managing large contact centres will recognise the challenges of scheduling and shift management. Calabrio’s WFM enables you to plan and manage your operations through advanced forecasting, dynamic scheduling and intelligent automation.

9. Rapidly Managing Digital Interactions

With the number of digital interactions increasing all the time, organisations are recognising how important it is becoming to be able to response to customers and a variety of different platforms. INBOX, available on the G-Cloud framework enables you to respond, automate and prioritise incoming digital interactions from channels like WhatsApp, email, social media and webchat.

Bizvu's REVIEWS provides surveys, feedback pop-ups and user reviews across channels like Voice, Web, MobileApp, Social Messages, WhatsApp, SMS and Email.

While PERFORMY allows you to create project, tasks and routines with technically enforced outcomes. PERFORMY enables business process automation and end-to-end digital events to deliver orchestrated processes by listening to systems of record to activate or trigger tasks and activities to enforce and fulfil outcomes. It is an integral building block for clients to triangulate between Ticketing, Contact Centre and CRM solutions.

10. 4G and 5G Connectivity

 Whether you need traffic encryption on a powerful connection, a reliable onsite deployment on a construction site, or a simple pop-up office, we’ve got the perfect cellular router for you.

All our 4G and 5G-ready cellular routers come complete with fully managed business grade mobile connectivity, as well as bespoke data plans tailored to your needs—so you can enjoy powerful, uninterrupted connectivity wherever you need to be.

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