Microsoft Teams but better

MS Teams Direct Routing

Britannic hosts a variety of flexible direct routing options for Microsoft Teams. Using our own market leading NetX (SIP) portal giving you advanced analytical capabilities, customisable dashboards, role-based access, queries and report scheduling, and call quality measurement using MoS (Mean opinion Scores).

NetX Direct Routing for MS Teams

Zoom into the Cloud

Zoom Direct Routing

Innovate the way your company communicates with our cutting-edge NetX Direct Routing solution. Make calls from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and join Zoom meetings with audio using your phone line making for seamless communication wherever you work.

Learn more about Zoom Phone routing

GoogleFlow made simple

Direct Routing for Google

With our NetX Direct Routing you can leverage Google Dialogue Flows as a hub for making, receiving, and transferring calls in the same way as with a traditional phone system. Experience greater flexibility and control over your calling environment.

Google Flow, simple and flexible

Whatever your system configuration or infrastructure, we have it covered.

Bring communications together seamlessly

Britannic has a unique offering that allows disparate services to be joined into one interconnected solution. Allowing for voice, telephony, contact centre, unified communications software and infrastructure as well as public and private cloud to all work together seamlessly.

NetX - the future of SIP Trunking

Customers can connect their chosen phone system solution to NetX, our next-generation SIP Trunking Platform enabling making and receiving calls on any device with the resiliency, responsiveness and security rarely offered by other solutions.

Dedicated, committed

Our dedicated account team takes you through our comprehensive onboarding process and oversees all platform development projects with meticulous planning; an ICT road map, immersive workshops for IT and business leaders, pilot programs, and engaging training sessions aimed at fostering user adoption. We maintain close collaboration with all project stakeholders from inception to triumphant outcomes, ensuring a seamless journey towards success.

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Equipped with vendor-trained and accredited engineers, PRINCE2 project managers, our proficient IT development team, and a dedicated account manager, we assemble an account team tailored specifically to your needs, seamlessly augmenting your existing IT resources. We are committed to providing assistance and sharing our extensive knowledge, ensuring a collaborative partnership that empowers your organisation.

SIP Server Room

The power of Britannic's Direct Routing offering

Advanced analytics

Easily and quickly uncover trends and patterns with our state-of-the-art technology. Gain valuable insights for keywords, phrases and sentiments that can help you make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Enhanced scalability

Scale your communication solutions as per your evolving needs, making it an ideal solution if you are growing and expanding.

Seamless customer service

Direct Routing enables businesses to provide a better customer experience by allowing users to quickly and easily initiate and manage calls.

Improved collaboration

Experience a more streamlined and efficient communication process, leading to enhanced collaboration and productivity. And with 99.999% reliability you can have confidence that your calls will get through.

Seamless integration

Easily integrate with existing phone systems or contact centre, allowing you to continue using your preferred communication tools while benefiting from enhanced features and capabilities.

Increase flexibility

With Direct Routing, users can make and receive external phone calls from within the MS Teams, Zoom or Google environment regardless of their location.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Testimonial

Chris Hartley, Infrastructure Manager


Britannic, our esteemed supplier, has truly exemplified brilliance in their approach to enhancing unified communications. By seamlessly integrating Microsoft Teams Direct Routing with our Mitel PBX system, they have orchestrated a symphony of connectivity. This innovative partnership has not only streamlined communication across Peabody’s organization but has also ushered in a new era of flexibility and efficiency, enabling us to harness the full potential of modern collaboration tools while reaping the benefits of enhanced productivity and unified teamwork.

Netx Britannic's SIP Trunking Platform

NetX; the incredible SIP Trunking Platform

NetX is our own SIP Trunking Platform. Created from the ground up, with the vision to empower our customers with self-serve. NetX enables you to have full visibility and control over your inbound and outbound voice communication. With powerful analytics, fully customisable dashboards and widgets, report scheduling, flexible call routing to support Business Continuity Planning and feature management. NetX will provide your business with more flexibility and transparency into your call services. 

View our NetX SIP Platform features and specifications
Dynamic call routing

Trailfinders: Dynamic Call Routing

A rapid redesign of Dynamic Call Routing helped Trailfinders manage a 400% increase in COVID-19 call volumes. Prioritising and routing of incoming calls significantly reduced wait times and increased satisfaction.

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Trailfinders Logo
Mountains Sunset

Harness the true power of voice communications

Speak to one of our experts about harnessing the power of a truly adaptable and transparent SIP Trunking Platform. For all your direct routing needs and so much more.

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