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Trailfinders are an award winning and industry leading travel company, specialising in delivering truly bespoke holidays for their customers. They chose Britannic Technologies to centralise their telecommunications locations in to one efficient and cost effective contact centre.

Trailfinders use the telephone as a primary tool for business. Around 90% of their revenue is taken via telephone whilst only 10% is done face-to-face. They have a deliberate strategy not to offer online fulfilment: their contact centre is of paramount importance.

Delivering excellent personalised service is their business model and this can only be conducted via personal interaction. They also strongly value providing a local service, which is why previous installations involved the creation of new contact centre style environments with localised numbers to offer a local service for their customers.

As the business continued to grow, this became an expensive and increasingly complex model. Each new location required several servers and ISDN lines. These isolated locations saw peaks and troughs in activity; with some stores receiving hundreds of calls a day and others none. Calls were being missed in some stores, while workers sat idly elsewhere.

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The Solution

We centralised Trailfinders‘ Mitel system, bringing together all the locations into a single instance situated in the cloud. Implementing SIP technology and CTI enabled call routing, enhancing the customer experience with a fully resilient solution.

The system amalgamates all locations, providing centralised management and control, whilst removing hardware and simplifying the technology used in the travel centres. This removed the burden on IT resources and the costs associated with managing 29 individual contact centres.

Thanks to resilient architecture being fully redundant across two data centres, through automatic failover routing and SIP technology, Trailfinders  never have to worry about missing a call again.


Our SIP technology allows Trailfinders to maintain their localised numbers. Calls still come into local centres, SIP simply re-routes to the next available agent if the primary target centre has no agents available.


Our CTI technology integrates with Trailfinders‘ existing Mitel applications. This allows calling customers to be greeted by name and gives agents advance knowledge of the reason for the call, as database information is displayed on their screen.


ComputerTel’s call recording and screen capture technology was implemented to help keep staff delivering first class service as standard to customers.

Constant Innovation

Graham Bevington, Executive Vice President of International Markets


Britannic continues to impress Mitel with its understanding of next generation communication technologies and innovation. As a Mitel Solutions Alliance Partner they have proven ability to integrate applications and add value.

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Honest, Cost Saving Advice

We suggested that we utilise Trailfinders‘ existing Mitel hardware instead of replacing it with a complete hardware overhaul. By integrating our applications to work around their current set-up Trailfinders incurred minimal hardware changes, keeping unnecessary costs down.

As a result of their new contact centre, Trailfinders have reduced their costs, set-up times, administration and management overhead and strengthened their resilience and competitiveness.

The Results

Trailfinders now operate a fully managed, highly resilient contact centre that spans 29 locations, and growing. It incorporates all of their staff, distributing calls evenly across the network with predefined fail over routes.

Calls are accompanied with customer data where applicable, massively improving the customer experience and assisting agents deliver first class service.

Trailfinders can offer their customers a unique personal experience unlike any of their competitors, helping them to keep ahead of the competition in a highly competitive industry.


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