A foundation for growth

With the majority of holiday bookings taken over the phone at Sunspot Tours, the company made sure to kick off its digital infrastructure update by replacing its ageing telephone system with a scalable, cloud-ready IP communications solution. Using Britannic’s SIP service and ICT design expertise, the tour operator is transforming the quality of its booking service.

Setting Sunspot Tours up for success

At Sunspot Tours, a robust, cost-effective voice communications setup isn’t just a matter of outbound and back-office communication. It’s the backbone of the company’s business model as over-the-phone holiday bookings account for over 90% of sales.

The company’s plans to grow its customer base and improve the booking experience were impeded by its inflexible telephone system, high ISDN costs and tightening PCI compliance requirements, which had a knock-on effect on the effectiveness and scalability of Sunspot’s contact centre service. This now forms the basis for Sunspot’s shift towards unified communications and seamless teamwork as well as the foundation for its contact centre developments.

“Britannic worked closely with our team to understand our business and the need for greater efficiencies, and developed a technology road map that was going to help us transform our business and customer communications in line with those goals. We started by deploying an IP communications platform and migrating to SIP for cost savings.”

Line rental savings over three years

Call cost savings with netX

Single solution for call recording and PCI compliance


The Solution

Britannic deployed an Avaya IP Office platform for Sunspot Tours, to give the 80-strong team a simple, unified communications solution that makes teamwork convenient and seamlessly connects home-based workers back to the office. In due course, the platform will move into the cloud to make system management, development and application deployment even easier.

At the same time, all voice traffic was migrated from ISDN onto Britannic’s managed SIP platform, netX, to allow Sunspot to easily increase or reduce its number of voice channels as and when required and to only pay for the service actually consumed in any one month. Additionally, SIP supports all multi-media traffic generated through Avaya IP Office.

Neil Whitaker, IT Manager, Sunspot Tours

Britannic is head and shoulders above the rest. Their solution already saved us money during Phase 1 of our transformation plan, continues to deliver good ROI, and has made ICT management easier for me.

The Technology


Easy-to-use and futureproof IP communications platform that combines voice, messaging, conferencing, contact centre and video tools for fast working regardless of user device or location.


Britannic’s resilient high-availability SIP platform optimises line resource and enables targeted call routing.

Red Box Recorders

Compliance call and data recording solution that secures phone payments and personal data for Sunspot customers as required by PCI DSS standards.

Keeping phone payments safe

In the contact centre, over-the-phone payments are now fully compliant thanks to a PCI compliance module that comes as part of the voice and data recording system which is also used for training purposes and dispute resolution. Customer card payment details are automatically suppressed from audio and screen recordings.

Looking ahead

“We are currently incorporating skills-based routing to direct incoming calls to the right, ‘personal’ agent and reduce the number of abandoned calls from frustrated customers who hang up due to lengthy wait times, or from being passed from one agent to another”, adds Neil.

“The next step will be to move the contact centre to the next level with a multi-media solution that allows customers to contact agents by phone, email, text, web chat and via social media, and all requests flowing into one single portal for the agents to manage.”

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The Results

Line rental savings over three years

Call cost savings with netX

Single solution for call recording and PCI compliance

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