Add Continual Value.

Seamlessly Delivered & Expertly Maintained Voice Solutions

We’ll design, implement, maintain and continually add value to your business voice services and help you to digitally transform your communications.

Our technical teams are highly accredited for 8x8, Mitel and Avaya. Working proactively to keep your VoIP and cloud telephony systems and network in tip-top shape.

VoIP Office Phone Systems and Cloud Telephony from Mitel, 8x8 and Zoom

8x8 Services

Discover 8x8, Gartner UCaaS Magic Quadrant Leader for 9 years in a row. We’ll deliver and manage your solution so that you can just enjoy the benefits. Enjoy the added value we bring as a partner, bringing you end to end support.

Mitel Services

We deliver, manage and support your Mitel platform on premise or in the cloud, with a cross-functional team built around you. With Mitel-certified technical skills, award-winning system integration and an ecosystem of fantastic products and services.

Zoom Services

Today’s agile businesses demand flexible fast results. We’ll deliver your solution in the cloud. We’ll, manage your platform with Zoom -certified engineers and offer expert system support to keep your business connected.

Our VoIP Office Phone System & Cloud Telephony Capabilities

Everything needed to maximise your business communications performance.

  • Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs)
  • SIP Trunking
  • Next Generation SIP Platform (NetX)
  • Great Bandwidth
  • Softphones
  • Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google flows integration capabilities
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

The Benefits of VoIP and Cloud Telephony

SIP Portal Solution NetX

A Flexible SIP Management Portal

SIP trunks cost-effectively support the complex requirements of your unified communications environment.

Our added-value SIP portal, NetX, empowers our customers with self-service. Take control of your calls and call environment with fully customisable dashboards, analytics, call flows for routing and much more. Read more about how NetX will enhance your voice strategy.

Want a NetX Demo? Read more about NetX

Richard Charley/Telecoms Manager

University of Kent

NetX is a powerful, constantly evolving platform. Its resilience and analytics capabilities provide reassurance and guidance to the business, while the user-friendly portal gives me the flexibility and agility I need to easily make changes to call flows and accommodate demand and business continuity requirements.

Let's Discuss VoIP and Cloud Telephony

A member of the team would be happy to discuss your VoIP or cloud telephony strategy. Submit the form below to request a no strings attached advisory chat.

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