The Convergence Summit 2018 deconstructed Digital Transformation into digestible pieces for business leaders. Digital experts gave the latest key insights and information to help organisations disrupt their industry.

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Mark Brill, Futurologist and Digital Expert

Beyond Mobile: Communications, AI and The Future

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Joshua Haslett, VP Strategic Innovations, Mitel

Disrupted or Disruptor?

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Nick Dicksee, Specialist Sales Engineering Manager UK and Ireland, Avaya

What does a Truly Exceptional Customer Experience mean?

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Maria McCann, Digital Experience Consultant

Deconstructing the Digital Employee experience

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Jonathan Sharp, Sales and Marketing Director, Britannic Technologies

Deconstructing Digital Transformation

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Morris Pentel - Chairman, Customer Experience Foundation


Show Some Emotion

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Meet Ami

Louis Halpern, Chairman, Active OMG

Say hi to Ami. A self-learning Conversational AI unlike any other! Complement the work of your sales agents and customer service representatives by empowering them to prioritise urgent, complex requests whilst Ami deals with the rest.

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Robotic Process Automation

Edward Shropshire, Managing Director, Aquarium Software

Streamline your processes to improve customer experience. Businesses are transforming with digital business process management and easy to create decision tree process flows. What’s more, they can integrate you’re your CRM, contact centres, IoT, AI, alerts and voice interfaces.

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Unlock the Value of Voice

Pete Ellis, Chief Product Officer, Red Box

Maximise the value of a voice data set by using it seamlessly with a range of business systems. Plus cutting edge CRM & analytics tools ready to deliver valuable business outcomes. Reduce your operating cost, engage your employees and most importantly, improve customer experience.  

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At the start of Digital Transformation or have taken your first steps? Together, we identify areas for improvement in your current contact centre, explore available technologies and draw up a development plan that allows you to transform your customer service operation at a pace that suits you.