Britannic Technologies are joining 250+ leaders from Housing Associations across the UK from the Government and Private Sectors, to showcase how Digital Transformation and Telecoms Services can help bolster existing strategies and future-proof businesses.

What do our customers say?

“As a managed service provider, Britannic helps us reduce costs while still improving services. As our partner, they are the friend we all need from time to time: If we ever have a problem or need a bit of advice, we just need to pick up the phone and ask. That sort of support is priceless.”

Wakefield and District Housing

"The new contact centre has allowed us to monitor and measure our calls, increasing our visibility of everything that is happening and providing us with information we didn’t have before. The amount of data we can glean is vast and helps us with: evaluation, forecasting, planning and monitoring, and all can be accessed by an easy-to-use interface".

Mears 24/7

Discover Digital Tenant Service with Britannic

Our solutions and managed services help you digitise key services to increase operational efficiency and improve the experience of your customers.  

Contact Centre


Managed Services

Contextual Apps and AI

Your dedicated Account Team designs, delivers and develops your multichannel contact centre platform for maximum agent productivity, fast and friendly customer service, and better access to contact centre analytics and management information. Training included.

Our flexible cloud deployment and transparent commercial models mean you can align ICT service delivery with your IT and business strategies, and accurately predict cost.  

Our team of engineers and technical specialists looks after your voice infrastructure for guaranteed uptime, service quality and system performance, so your organisation gets business continuity and your IT team a break from ICT management.

Integrate real-time web applications such as web call, chat and video, or introduce AI-driven customer service agents for highly effective enquiry handling that allows your employees to handle only the most complex cases.

Introducing Ami - A.I. to Future-Proof and Revolutionise Your Business

Ami is a Conversational AI that acts as an agent and customer service representative. She learns from having real conversations with customers. Once set up on your website, Ami will complement the service capabilities of your contact centre team. She handles customer enquiries fast and accurately, and with every customer interaction, she will grow smarter. Her aim is to not replace existing employees but to work alongside them, to streamline routine enquiries and free up human agents for complex customer cases. 


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