Rapidly Manage all your Digital Communications

Many businesses have faced a huge increase in digital communications and interactions over the course of the pandemic. A problem that’s only set to influx again when everything returns back to a new normal. It’s currently further compounded with a distributed (and potentially reduced) workforce. Our clever technology shifts the focus to lean operations. Enabling your business to automate and implement self-service amongst customers and suppliers.

Support Remote Workers & Respond to Customers Quickly

We offer great support for our SaaS digital technologies INBOX, Webchat and BiziBOT. 


INBOX acts as a triage for processing digital interactions. Whether email, chat, social media, or WhatsApp.

INBOX automatically reads (content, context and sentiment), responds, prioritises, categorises, creates queues and tickets for fulfilment.

  • Only uses people where it counts and optimises their workload
  • Non-invasive, rapid deployment (up and running in three days!)
  • Consistent message handling
  • Integration with your contact centre (if you have one)


Efficiently interact with your customers virtually.

Webchat is an easy and effective tool that helps answer customers enquiries with speed. Especially now, with customers forced online due to lockdown.

  • Two-way video and audio communication allow your agents to solve customer issues in real-time within the web context.
  • Co-browsing and content sharing help your team to take control of the customer journey for upsell, cross-sell and effective resolution right there and then.
  • Seamless escalation for moving from chat to voice or video and co-browsing all in one session.


BiziBOT works as a digital agent alongside your customer service team.

Delivering a personalised, quick and professional level of enquiry answering for first contact resolution.

  • Answer mundane or repetitive enquiries allowing your agents to focus on urgent enquiries.
  • Low-code means BiziBOT can be set up in a number of days.
  • BiziBOT increases sales and conversions because your customers don’t have to wait in a queue on hold via the telephone.

INBOX Saves the Day for Mercury Holidays

In the most challenging business climate we have ever seen, the biggest gain for us implementing the INBOX solution is efficiency. We have automated the organisation of our workload and now have the ability to implement self service for our customers which will lead to improved efficiencies and vast cost-savings.

Still Happy with your Remote Working Tools?

Our meeting and collaboration technologies are empowering people to work productively from home to keep businesses operating. During the initial lockdown many implemented quick fix solutions that don’t meet all today's needs. Some are now realising that collaboration works best when it’s integrated with their communications strategy.


Our meeting and collaboration technologies are empowering people to work productively from home to keep businesses operating. During March, many implemented quick fix solutions that don’t meet all your needs. Some are now realising that collaboration works best when it’s integrated with your communications strategy.

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Britannic and 8x8 are proud to introduce X Series; new to market, Magic Quadrant leading Cloud based solution, proving that remote working doesn't disrupt work efficiency, communication or collaboration.

Now integrates with Netx2 and Microsoft Teams! Once set-up simply manage from the easy-to-use Web Admin Portal.

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Welcoming Prospective Students Through Collaboration Technologies During a Lockdown

Joe Yeadon, Head of ILT Services, Godalming College

The recent COVID-19 situation has really brought to the fore our strong relationship. When the national lockdown meant we had to postpone meeting our prospective next-year’s students, Britannic Technologies came to us without prompting and said ‘we can help!’. They provided the means for us to engage with the applicants by extending their online meetings facility using Mitel MiTeam Meetings – at no cost and without fuss – in a way we couldn’t otherwise manage by ourselves.

As a Public Sector institution, we are required to review all our contracts for effectiveness, value for money, and ease of operation. We always rate Britannic Technologies top for all these and cannot thank them highly enough for looking after us.

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We can also help you with:

  • Network and DDI diverts, IVRs and SIP services
  • Remote worker licences for telephony and call recording
  • Moving your communications to the cloud
  • Contact centre modernisation (i.e. remote working)
  • AI and chatbots
  • Chat, voice, video and co-browsing for websites and apps